Mês: dezembro de 2012

E je va iskal oln, ki navdihuje zaupanja, ne priakujem, da zasije light air. Ladje, ki so zanimive za plovbo na vikend niso idealne olni za prehod preko oceana. Za veino ljudi, je lastnica ladjo lahko v veliki meri stvar ponosa. To se pogosto zgodi, da nakup olna je ivljensko delo in nekaj, kar vam […]

He doesn’t understand that Antigone is appealing to a different law than the one he’s upholding, he unjustly accuses the Sentry and then Tiresias of being corrupt, and when Haemon tries to persuade him to think again http://sengkhri.com/2013/01/02/when-this-raging-semi-autobiographical-novel-was-published-in/, he lets himself get into a huge snot about the fact that his own son is daring […]

Church Militant: The Inquisition around Grand Inquisitor da Vanya. Fairy Tale Fire/Ice/Lightning: Well, Fire, Water and Lightning, although quite a few water moves are ice based. However, if you fought mostly guys, and there is at least one woman in that group that you successfully stripped, the camera will always focus on her instead. By […]