Mês: setembro de 2013

Back in the day when the newly emerging Internet marketing environment was rumored, there were many theories on what all would be involved. We heard about ‘social networking’ rather than forums and ‘interactive’ sites rather than just blogs. Sounded like more chat clients with live responses for consumers and more online advertising mediums with ‘feeds’, […]

Politics and sports have long been associated in the nation’s capital, and fans of Washington teams are used to suffering, not only on the field but through banal political jokes, as well. A typical example goes like this: “You know why your baseball team changed its name to the Nationals instead of keeping it the […]

Rather than having options to speak, she has options to begin a sentence that another character will then interrupt by guessing what she’s going to say. Half Identical Twins: Baron Strucker’s mutant twin children, Andreas and Andrea (aka the Fenris twins). Initially, it seems like a normal image showing Gambino’s face, Replica Valentino Handbags but […]