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If money is of no concern and you came to Blue Mountains on an unlimited budget, then the Woodridge home may be the answer for you. It will cost you about $2000 per night and can sleep up to 16 people at a time. This gorgeous country home spans an area of 300 acres and […]

Disney determined that this trope was the reason and was rumored to completely shut down adapting fairy tales into movies. The robots don’t merely “act” according to their respective metals; the properties of their metal dictates their world view. Yeah, this guy was so evil he got an entire dimension turned into a prison […]

Deus ex Machina: Catbug’s arrival in “Aeon Worm.” Then again, they could have just not had the bridge collapse under Beth. Also, in the book Six could only become invisible, but this becomes Flash Step as well in the film. Justice League of America then got replaced by Justice League United, with Green Arrow, […]

Finally, Azami from the comfort of the never ending world sees the aforementioned deaths of her daughter and grandchild, and is mocked by the Wide Eyed Snake when she apologizes to Shion, who is now doomed to suffer eternally with her. He actually wears one during one of his Q and A videos.. The […]

Roll Out the Red Carpet: Spoofed: A green carpet is rolled out for the finale, and the clowns “mow” it away as the curtain call comes to a close! Running Gag: The Nuts appear twice during the preshow to crash cymbals, but realize that they’ve come out too early. Torgue or Dahl assault rifles/rocket launchers, […]

Given a vigorous Lampshade Hanging (as is everything else) by Airplane!, which moves from speeding and traffic accident backdrops to raiding Indians, with the driver turning the wheel wildly on straight sections and going straight when the background’s showing a windy road, culminating with the Indian attack in the picture. Conspicuous CG: Prince Jai and […]

Eyeshield 21: In a special Jump Festa 2004 episode, Hiruma enters an establishment with a completely reasonable no weapons policy, wearing normal clothing. A couple scenes later, the counter is covered with all various types of guns from pistols to automatic rifles to an actual rocket launcher. Exhausted security guards wave him through, and his […]

Lando Calrissian makes an appearance. The very next panel shows two muffins having sex. In The Movie, Mika Nakashima (Nana) has a very thick accent. If that’s not enough: The god of death, also the god of Necromancy, has got a Masterplan for enslaving all of creation, the humans of the Verunian Empire serve the […]

Also just take a look at the episode titles. False Rape Accusation: The leader of the teenage girl purgers, the day before the Purge, is caught trying to steal a candy bar and threatens to yell rape if the shop keeper lays so much as a hand on her (apparently either not knowing or not […]

The Big Guy: The Captain, the biggest and toughest member of the group. Upon January 1st, 2007, however, the BZPRPG did not see a change in scenery, merely an addition. Despite initially not speaking a word of each other’s language, Juan and Haid fall in love, and when they receive word that Haid father […]