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International Postdoctoral Program

CEBRAP’s International interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Program is meant to complement the training of doctors by providing them with top-notch interdisciplinary experience, enabling them to tackle research topics beyond the boundaries of the fields in which they have been trained and to acquire a broader view of the major issues in our contemporary societies.  The program also expects that an international group of doctors will allow for a comparative framework in researched topics.

The IIPP is aimed at doctors with a PhD in anthropology, political science, demography, law, economics, philosophy, history, and sociology, whose interests are aligned with those of the CEBRAP´s research program.

The program will select up to 15 PHDs from different nationalities and will last for one year, with a continuous 9-month stay at CEBRAP and a 3-month at a partner foreign institution. 

The IIPP draws on a successful previous experience by CEBRAP, the Cadre Training Program (1986-2002), later changed into the Postdoctoral Program (2003-2007), which enrolled 116 young Brazilian researchers.


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