How do we work?

Ello’s main focus is on the client´s real demands. To achieve its aim, it has developed a tested methodology of its own, which is based on the use of state-of-art academic research techniques to oversee   decision-making process in the National Congress and other government agencies.

Ello established its place in the market due to the analytical and scientific consistency of its work, especially at monitoring political decisions. It helps the forecast of trends and the reduction of asymmetric data among private and public departments.



Methods are based on the most recent techniques generated by both national and international legislative studies, through the use of advanced qualitative, quantitative and statistical instruments. The analytical parameters are set to be adjusted to each client´s specific needs, making sure that only useful and precise information will be presented to the client. In order to help foster the decision making process.



Services offered include:

  • Mapping of bills discussed in Congress and identification of areas of interest in the fields of Agribusiness, Energy and the professions covering areas such as fiscal Incentive policies, of soybean exports and biofuel production, as well as children labor combat policies, etc.
  • Surveys and analyses of all legislation connected with those areas of interest.
  • “Alert” notifications about any relevant points in the law.
  • Monitoring and notification of every decision undertaken by the Presidency and its political instances (Ministries and regulatory agencies).
  • Drawing of blueprint roles for parliament and elected officials in the Lower and High chambers of Congress.
  • Use of Ello’s exclusive statistic indicators for the evaluation of the possibilities of approval of legislative action concerning a specific interest area.
  • If required, CEBRAP/ELLO works with on the formatting of products and indicators for special demands from contractors.

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Samuel Moura, CEBRAP researcher and Ello Coordinator

Mobile: (11) 98434-3834