Tijuco Alto Dam: employment, natural resources and rights of traditional communities in debate at the Participatory Forums of ‘ Vale do Ribeira’

This study analyzed how two participatory forums in the ‘Vale do Ribeira’ have dealt with the demand for the revitalization of the economy, from two priorities: to reduce poverty and preserve the native forest of the region. The research involved: (a) secondary data analysis, conducted through questionnaires and results of interviews with local leaders, (b) monitoring the daily routine of social movements involved, with a view to understanding how they organized their work in the forums, and the impact that this has generated in its position in relation to the construction of the Dam and to the sustainable territorial development and (c) the discussion of the results in meetings with local leaders and managers previously interviewed.


Centro Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo Rural, RIMISP, IDRC-Canadá, Deliberative Democracy Consortium – DDC e Hewlett Foundation


2007 – 2008